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Note: The creative life has been a joy, especially as shared since 1990 with my husband, Vincent Mancuso, a juried member of the Pastel Society of America. Purchase Vincent Mancuso reproductions at Fine Art America

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My Abstract Expressionist Period #1,1969

My Abstract Expressionist Period #1,1969

New in 2024: Flights of Fancy eBook

The eBook Flights of Fancy is my newest contemporary novel. The pastel painting, The Last Supper, by my artist husband Vincent Mancuso, graces the eBook cover. It artfully realizes my vision of the life of Sage Anthony. I started to imagine her life on a 2014 flight from Europe, For literary purposes, let’s say I imagined her story on a flight from Paris to New York.

The Story

Sage Anthony is a mystery writer, achingly pigeonholed into a genre that bores her. Murder in medieval convents and abbeys are her stock and trade, but she cannot write gore anymore. After growing up in New York’s Hudson Valley minus a biological father, taunted by a homicide-detective stepfather and wary of Stepfather#2, Sage’s mind is rife with suspicion. Blunt trauma to her head makes her thirty-something life tortured, even though she lives in a loft apartment on the New Paltz, New York estate of a old billionaire who is obsessed with her––but then, so was his wife.

Unconditional love eludes Sage. Guarded affairs and a fixation on her unknown biological father consume. Her Irish-born mother is similarly guarded in her affairs, critical of Sage’s choices, and she fumes as a 21st century American patriot. Alas, her daughter is not tuned into incendiary politics. Sage's life proves the maxim, “What you think about expands.” Up against a book deadline, her creativity kicks in an unlikely direction. Luck follows as Sage strikes it rich and does whatever she fancies at her own New Paltz estate and in France. France is where the book takes you more than once, the last trip capped by a February 2020 stopover in Milan for Fashion Week. Remember what happened in the winter of 2020 in Milan and the rest of the world? BTW: The sequel, Gossamer Wings, launches in 2025.

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