The Truth Is in the Stars

George Bernard Shaw said, “If you want to tell readers the truth, you better make them laugh, or they’ll kill you.”

Bulletin: Merry Wilson, a fellow author and Florida resident, read my eBook serial Future Schmaltz – A Quartet published on Amazon Kindle just shy of a month ago.

Full disclosure: Before the pandemic, Merry and I exchanged “Namaste” greetings in yoga classes at our local YMCA. She sent gracious emails in response to blogs I wrote into 2021. I was thrilled Merry wrote the first review of Future Schmaltz. Here it is:

M. R. Wilson 5.0 out of 5 stars Something new for science fiction lovers…Reviewed in the United States on February 26, 2022…but so much more…

Set in a disturbingly not-too-distant future, FUTURE SCHMALTZ: A QUARTET offers a bleak new world. Earth’s atmosphere is toxic; the planet is habitable only underground, undersea, in orbiting satellites and on the moon.

To save the human species, a far-right society under the Second Timely Reformation creates a breed of super humans via artificial means. Religion persists. Sciences progresses. Hate simmers. Despair erupts.

While the four books are social satire brimming with dry, often unexpected humor and irony, love and lust, courage and heroism, they are also poignantly sad. Future Schmaltz is a call to action for individuals and corporations against climate change, a plea for environmental and social justice.

These books have gotten hold of me. How much longer will I be able to breathe deeply of clean air during walks at my favorite park? Marvel at flora and fauna, rejoice in the sprouting of a honeydew melon seed? Food is abundant. I want for nothing.

But for how long?

The technology exits right now to rescue the planet and its inhabitants from Morrisey’s future. Surely rationality will overcome greed.

But what if it doesn’t?

Reggie Morrisey, 2022

Author’s Note: How chilling to read the words, “Morrisey’s future.”
Yet, Future Schmaltz is the eyewitness account my characters presented to me from the days ahead.
I’m reporting from the scene, a habit I formed in the last century.
Anyone can do this. Just step outside in the days ahead.
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