It's 2024! Celebrating my Sweet 16th Year on the internet as reggiemorrisey.com

Wish I could say I had it all planned. I simply must write. One day follows another and I've written something. Millions of words by now if you count the years before I set up a website and wrote short stories, poems blogs and essays.

Since 2008, this site has introduced poems I've written (beginning in 1975) and short stories and nonfiction essays (written since the late 1990s). In 2015, I started posting blogs—about 10 per year into 2021 (counting 60,000 + words) and continuing with posts about eBooks I published on Amazon in 2022.* One work is a social satire Future Schmaltz (4-part serial totaling 130,000+ words) and the other an 83,000-word contemporary fiction The Monks of Malibu. Go to my Amazon Author page where you can read samples/purchase my eBooks.

Bottom Line: My favorite quote by science/science fiction writer, Isaac Asimov: When asked what he'd do if told he had only six months to live, said, "I'd type faster." Me, too. See Essays: Boom about progress on a new novel and its sequel.

Personal Life

Bill Bryson points out in the book, A Short History of Nearly Everything, individual human existence is dicey. So much has to go right from just about the beginning of time for our ancestors to make it to us. As the sixth child in my family born in the mid-20th Century, it is surprising I arrived and survived. Earned a masters degree from St. John's University and a bachelors degree from St. Thomas Aquinas College, both in my native New York.

For a time, I raised two great daughters as a single mom. I admire the terrific guys in their lives and delight in two grandkids. I savor my 34th year of a shared creative life with artist Vincent Mancuso. I'm an art groupie for my husband.  A juried member of the Pastel Society of America, he taught classes at the city's Morean Art Center for 10 years. The Studio@620 in St. Petersburg, Florida, held an exhibit in 2019 marking his quarter century of creating paintings that reflect the city's architecture and natural beauty.

I've lived in New York, California and Florida and traveled on this continent and in Europe. I am grateful to be alive, and I wish all women, children and men across the globe could say the same ... soon.

Art on Site Is Family

See my new in 2023 Gallery of Vincent Mancuso.

My big brother Ed, who died in 2009, mastered sketching and painting and sculpting with diverse materials—from bronze to Utah canyon rock to wire for statues that cast shadows of animals and birds. We were close at heart. In the 1990s, Ed created a life-size plaster statue of a forearm and hand with the "Thumbs up" sign as a gift—this because I encouraged him. He adorned the statue with colorful telephone wire signifying our coast-to-coast phone relationship. (See the Gallery of Ed Morrisey Art. Click In the Service of the King and read about his encounter with an injured monarch butterfly.

To get around reggiemorrisey.com

Poetry & Short Story Collections 

  • Shades of Coffee Pot Bayou: Unpublished collection of fictional short stories about people I suppose live, will live — or want to live — in the mansions of a Florida bayou
  • Of Two Minds: A collection of my poems and the paintings of my husband, artist Vincent Mancuso  published to celebrate years of our shared creative life. Visit Blurb.com to preview a portion of this 56-page book
  • Working Stiffs : Unpublished collection of short stories about working stiffs—literally and figuratively
  • Careening with Nature: Mostly unpublished poetry depicting American life

Career in News, Magazines, Script-Writing and Technical Writing

  • Magazine feature writer: Wrote feature articles (and poems) for Westchester, Fairfield, County Life and Money magazines in the 1980s
  • Scriptwriter of the 12-part U.S. Modern American History video series From Cold War to Hostage Crisis: 1945-1981 for Guidance Associates—a best seller into this century
  • Associate Editor: Cross Westchester Weekly News Group in the 1980s
  • Staff Writer: Gannett newspapers in the 1980s
  • Newspaper article writer: Contributed two dozen feature articles about life in Westchester and Connecticut to The New York Times in the late 1980s and early 1990s (See NYT online Archives.)
  • Book author: As primary author of the book, Westchester County: The Golden Apple of New York, published in 1990 by Windsor Publications, Chatsworth, CA., wrote about Westchester history, commerce, and lifestyle (30,000 words)
  • Freelance energy conservation, technical and business writer: 1991 to 1998
  • Information Technology/Corporate Communications Writer: From 1998 to 2014 
  • Former member (Senior Technical Writer) in the Society for Technical Communication






Reggie Morrisey










Ed Morrisey and his wire shadow statues 








Vincent Mancuso at his downtown St. Pete studio, circa 2005

Book cover: My poetry and my husband Vincent Mancuso's paintings - celebrating a shared creative life